All the fun things in life are going away. Voting, going to the doctor, paying bills; they're now all online. You can't even stop at the Post Office to check out the Most Wanted List. Well, add another item that's being taken away from us. Suing people.

Not really, but what used to be called Small Claims Court seems to be heading online as the "Online Dispute Resolution Tool". (guessing here that's because the people you'd be suing are a bunch of tools, anyway)

This is the MI-Resolve link. It lets you resolve things, even helps you get a mediator if you can't find a solution, and the real positive is, you don't have to take time off from work, or if you're in quarantine, you can't do this over the internet. (Which, of course, means eventually it can be messed with, since every day exposes another despicable person online.

Here are the types of cases that MI-Resolve has been set up to do, so far:

  • Repayment of vehicle and personal loans;
  • Non-delivery or quality of goods and services;
  • Car accident (attempts to collect the deductible);
  • Landlord/Tenant (return of security deposit and disputes over the amount of security deposit withheld, completion of repairs on rental homes);
  • Return of private property between parties ending a domestic relationship;
  • Completion of repairs or home improvements (contractor/home repairs);
  • Neighbor use of property that doesn’t belong to them; building fence on neighbor lot.

In other words, stuff that in 2020 America can either get you shot or your reputation smeared in social media. So, if you have issues, start looking into this.

The state says this is all free. (for now)  And you don't even have to see you ex to get your ring back.

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