Those who bought vitamins from a Meijer store are being warned to check the pills before you take them.  Officials in Kalamazoo County say they're investigating the tampering of over-the-counter packages, where the vitamins inside have been replaced with other products.   All Meijer stores have been ordered to check for possible tampering and remove from store shelves any questionable items.

Consumers asked to check all pill bottles as safety precaution is reporting that those items include chocolate chips,walnuts,  cat food or other drugs.

The article cites a news release from the Portage Department of Public Safety with details of what happened.

"It appears the vitamins were purchased and then taken home by the suspect.  In some cases, the suspect opened the bottles of vitamins, switched the vitamins with other items and then resealed the packages."

Police believe the suspect then returned the items to the store and they were returned to store shelves.

The primary target appears to be Mega Red Ultra Strength Omega-3 Krill Oil.

Consumers, though, are being asked to check all bottles of pills purchased to check for tampering.  If it's found, contact the store and the police.

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All four Meijer stores in Kalamazoo County have been affected, according to company officials.   Consumers are being urged now to check out any vitamins purchased recently to make sure the 'seals' on the bottles are still intact.

The primary vitamin affected is identified as Mega Red Ultra Strength Omega-3 Krill Oil.