If you are or know a veteran you will want to tune in to this new segment.

I will be implementing a new monthly segment on my show that will highlight military veterans issues.  On this segment I will be interviewing the heads of various veterans groups to discuss the issues veterans are facing daily and the help that is out there to address them.

This segment will kick off tomorrow Tuesday February 25 at 10:00 am.

We are very fortunate for the first segment of this series to have Colonel Rodger Seidel and Mr. Jack Hunn give us an overview – the big picture – of what services and activities are available to veterans right here in Calhoun County.  Colonel Seidel is a retired Air Force fighter pilot who was the commander of the Air National Guard Base here in Battle Creek before he retired.  Jack Hunn is a Vietnam era combat veteran who worked his way up the ranks the hard way in combat where he received a battle field commission as an Army officer.  This is a rare achievement.  Now, Colonel Seidel and Mr. Jack Hunn continue to serve by providing assistance to their fellow veterans.  They both work in the Calhoun County Veterans Assistance Office where they, on a daily basis, provide a variety of services to veterans.

Tune in and get your information and answers.