I have been speaking on The Steve Gruber Show (weekdays 5:30am – 9am est) about the VA debacle. A caller to the show, a doctor who worked in VA hospitals gave details on how those facilities continuously denied veterans medical care. Dr. Mike also said in his experience he found service was routinely denied to those in need. When asked why he didn’t speak up he made it clear it was the ‘understanding’ that everyone should just keep quiet. I can say it was hard for me to comprehend the grim view that the doctor was describing.

Then I read an article on-line about a man who waited 68 years to receive medical care from the VA. His name is Milton Rackham.  At 89 years old he finally received his benefits from serving in WWII.  He described to journalist Cristina Corbin that he felt, “worthless” and recalled, “they always said, ‘we can’t help you.’” This is exactly the kind of poor treatment that these people receive. After they stepped up and did their duty for you and I and all Americans. It is absolutely unacceptable.  This man served and defended our country. Veterans should be respected and cared for.  As Rackham stated and I agree, “they should never be forgotten.”