A vendor at the Great Lakes Folk Festival in East Lansing wound up dealing in more than just food and drink when he displayed a Confederate Flag and drew the ire of many in the community.

Zemer's Homemade Root Beer, a familiar vendor from Texas at the annual summer festival, put a Confederate Flag on display in the back of its mobile booth over the weekend, prompting several protesters to demonstrate around his set-up on Sunday.

One protester's sign said the Confederate Flag has no place in Spartan country. Another group of protesters held up photos of the flag on display in the back of the Zemer's booth, complete with a sign condemning it. By noon, the Zemer's stand had removed the "Stars and Bars," however some in attendance said the flag had been put back up and taken down several times throughout the day.

Officials from the MSU Museum, which organizes the Great Lakes Folk Festival, reportedly asked the Zemer's stand not to display the Confederate Flag earlier in the weekend, but the vendor did not comply.

Several protesters on Sunday were from MSU. Others were just concerned citizens.

The Zemer's window in which the controversial flag had been displayed sat empty early Sunday afternoon, although there was a Romney Ryan sticker in the space. One man working at the booth was wearing a shirt that read "I work hard because millions on welfare depend on me."

At least one post on the Zemer's Homemade Root Beer Facebook page was from a disappointed customer who said they would no longer be patronizing the vendor due to the Confederate Flag.

Check out video of the protesters below: