Those in Vassar in Michigan's thumb area say they're still being left in the dark regarding the transfer of immigrant children from Central America being housed in their tiny community.

But for at least one family, they're not waiting to see how the influx of children could affect education for their children, opting to home-school now.

This woman, who asked not to be identified, said she's heard from others that the transport buses are in Vassar, presumably to drop off the estimated 100 children arriving in the state without parents.   She claims she doesn't buy arguments by those who say their presence here won't have a financial drain on communities across the country.


In fact, she says she doesn't know how smaller communities like Vassar will be able to absorb the additional cost when budgets are already strained

The woman says she was told along with others that residents would be alerted well in advance of any decisions made on housing, but she doesn't believe that taxpayers in community will be allowed to participate in any decision-making, forcing her and others to take matters into their own hands.

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