This can be classified as one of those you have to be kidding me moments.

The Daily Caller News site is reporting about a Department of Veterans Affairs employee in Puerto Rico, in fact she works in the social work department, pleading guilty to armed robbery of a couple.

Did she lose who job over that, well you already know the answer which is no.  In fact the union, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), fought for her to get her job back.  By the way, she was not only allowed to keep her job but us the taxpayer paid her back pay for the time she was sitting in jail.

Now some of you might say she “served her time” and deserves a second chance, but back pay for the time she was in jail?

When is this insanity going to stop?

Why would the union fight for a member to keep their job after they plead guilty to armed robbery and receives their back pay while they were in jail?

When are the good people of America going to stand up in unity and say enough is enough, this childish tantrum of the last 7 years must stop?

One of the reasons the AFGE fought for this criminal to keep her cushy high paying government job was reported as the following:

“Employees said the union demanded her job back and pointed out that Tito Santiago Martinez, the management-side labor relations specialist in Puerto Rico, who is in charge of dealing with the union and employee discipline, is a convicted sex offender. Martinez reportedly disclosed his conviction to the hospital and VA hired him anyway, reasoning that “there’s no children in [the hospital], so they figure I could not harm anyone here.””

Yes a convicted sex offender is working for the VA and they knew about it when they hired him.

Oh by the way the VA hospital’s director was arrested and found with painkiller drugs in the past.

Can anyone attempt to defend this one, at least the back pay issue?  If not when are you going to say enough is enough and stand with me and millions of intelligent good people and say “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”.

So now when our veterans visit the social work department for counseling and help they will be met by someone who has a GPS monitor on her ankle.

Oh by the way a spokesman for the VA Puerto Rico hospital was quoted in the Daily Caller News that:

“Criminal prosecution or conviction for off-duty misconduct does not automatically disqualify an individual from federal employment. The administrative discipline process for poor performance or misconduct on the job, operates distinctly from the administrative process associated with off-the-job misconduct.  Accordingly, one is not necessarily impacted by the other,”

I understand and agree that people with criminal records should get a second chance once they serve their time.  I guess my issue here is there was no time spent between her “serving her time” and getting her job back to see if she is on the straight and narrow path of being a good, productive citizen.

Your thoughts?

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