I was watching (briefly) the ongoing, uninspiring, lackluster performance by both candidates running for US Senate here in Michigan today. Either one; Gary Peters the Democrat or his Republican adversary Terri Lynn Land could put any of us to sleep with a :60 second commercial.

Who is getting paid to produce these really crappy ads by the way?  A middle school marketing class could find more flash and glitter- and a message. A message would be nice.

I am so totally underwhelmed that I’m hoping they don’t have a debate. If Peters and Land square off literally thousands could oversleep the next day. Thousands could miss going to the polls out of sheer boredom.

What’s really sad is that in this day and age this is the best either side could put on the field. Maybe next time I should just run. I may not win but I wouldn’t be flat out boring like these two wet towels. I might even discuss cutting off pig testicles just to get things rolling. Nah that would never work.