The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a doctor from west Michigan could soon be coming to an end. 

Those from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department have scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning promising some updated information on the disappearance of  Dr.Teleka Patrick.

Officials are saying only at this time that they're hoping to correct some information being reported about the whereabouts of the medical resident who went missing December, 5, 2013.  Surveillance video shows Patrick trying to check into a Kalamazoo hotel but was denied a room when she couldn't produce a credit card.  Her vehicle was later found in a ditch abandoned on I-94 in Indiana, about 100 miles from the Kalamazoo hospital where she was a resident. Her wallet, identification and cash were still inside.

While the discovery was made in another state, Kalamazoo officials say they are the lead on the investigation but are working with the Indiana State Police.

Some bizarre YouTube videos have surfaced showing a seemingly calm Patrick preparing dinner and talking 'lovingly' to someone.  That person, though, is never seen on camera..

The case took another bizarre twist when a well-known pastor from west Michigan, Marvin Sapp,  claimed he took out three Personal Protection Orders against the woman, whom he claimed was stalking him.