A new episode of 'Unsolved Mysteries' now streaming on Netflix features a story about UFO sightings in West Michigan.

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Episode two of season three called 'Something In The Sky' features stories from Michigan residents who claim to have seen UFOs on March 8th of 1994. According to the show episode, over 300 residents reported seeing strange lights in the sky. The accounts were all very similar in that people reported seeing the UFO break away into parts and go off in different directions.

Before you call BS on these sightings, even a National Weather Service radar operator tracked the movement of the UFOs for hours. When you watch the episode and hear additional witnesses tell firsthand accounts of seeing the hovering spaceships, you most likely will be a believer too.

I did watch the episode and was fascinated. Here we are 28 years later, and there is no evidence to prove what witnesses saw were not UFOs. You can check out a trailer for this particular episode and additional episodes now streaming on Netflix below. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes look at the 'Something In The Sky' episode too.

If you have already watched this particular episode, what do you think? Do you believe what witnesses saw were indeed UFOs? To this day, many of the people who were kids at the time of these sightings, are still uncomfortable talking about it. For more on that and additional information about UFO sightings in Michigan on March 8, 1994, click here.

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