Last week, Edwin Hill, president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), penned an op-ed claiming the new Obama Administration EPA power plant emissions plan would “have a dramatic impact on the American economy but only a minimal effect on global carbon emissions.”

Hill claimed the EPA plan is a “classic example of federal tunnel vision—focusing on a single goal with little heed for the costs and dangers." He predicted the plan would kill roughly “52,000 permanent direct jobs in utilities, mining and rail and at least another 100,000 jobs in related industries” – losses that would fall particularly hard on rural communities.

This is the latest example of the Obama Administration focusing blindly on a reckless liberal agenda without regard for the wellbeing of the middle class or those that put him into office in the first place.

Unions have suffered at every turn with this President. Punished by changes in Obamacare and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs because of reckless EPA regulations are just two easy examples.

What will it take to get common sense back in place?