The United Auto Workers union isn't giving up the fight in trying to unionize workers at an auto plant in Tennessee. They're asking for a recount after a relatively close vote that ended on Friday.

UAW Demands Recount in Failure in Tennessee


The vote, involving workers at a Volkswagon plant in Chattanooga, showed  712 of the estimated 1500 workers against unionizing.   But the tally also found 626 workers voted to bring in the UAW.  A much closer margin than originally thought.

That margin is giving hope for those who thought the Tennessee Volkswagon Plant was their best bet for gaining a stronghold on the Right to Work state and others like it.

The vote, though, is considered a major defeat after all the resources the union had dedicated to trying to set a precedent there. The three days of voting came after a massive campaign for and against the move .

Proponents of unionizing depicted a yes vote as a way to raise wages and security for workers.  Opponents said it would simply cost jobs and expansion in the state.