A Michigan abortion doctor that in the past declared “I believe abortion should be available on demand, I’ve never turned anyone down,” has now turned up with a dozen jars filled with what appears to be fetus parts in the trunk of his car.

Doctor Michael Roth an OB/GYN and outspoken supporter of abortions allegedly struck a 32 year old man in West Bloomfield earlier this month. As a result even though Roth is yet to be charged with a crime, his car was impounded. When he asked for access to the trunk police discovered the containers of human tissue and a powerful anesthetic.

The Michigan Attorney Generals office believes Roth has been performing illegal abortions and for some perverse reason kept the remains in his car.

Roth's request for items from his carallegedly turned up a drug later identified as Fentanyl, a drug the Drug Enforcement Administration describes as “potentially lethal, even at very low levels,” and which is frequently used to reduce pain during abortion procedures. That discovery prompted cops to open the trunk, where they allegedly found 14 jars containing suspected fetal parts.

Dr. Roth has been accused of malpractice for botched abortions at least 6 times between 1988 and 2015 according to published reports. Some of those complaints involved abortions performed at Roth’s home that resulted in serious complications.

Another reports included this passage: In 2005, Roth's wife claimed in an application for a restraining order that she “lives locked in the basement” out of fear Roth “would continue to assault, attack, molest, wound, follow, confront and otherwise injure her as well as continue to prescribe and administer medication to her.”

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