All weekend all I heard is about is how President Trump’s agenda is mortally damaged, President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s relationship is over, how can the Republicans govern, President Trump is now going to turn to the Democrats to push his agenda.  It went on and on and on, here are some examples:

Detroit News published an AP byline: GOP struggles to govern despite Washington monopoly

Reuters wrote: The healthcare failure called into question not only Trump's ability to get other key parts of his agenda, including tax cuts and a boost in infrastructure spending, through Congress, but the Republican Party's capacity to govern effectively.

Everyone needs to take a chill pill and just relax.  No one expected the Trump Presidency to go smoothly.  He is fighting an uphill battle against entrenched bureaucracies and politicians.  All these politicians and bureaucrats have their own self-interest and not only their ideologies but their desire to stay in their positions and retain the power, money and benefits.

When you attempt to drain a swamp the creatures of the swamp will fight back.

President Obama had the easiest of all presidencies when it comes to push back from his own party, of which there was none, and push back from the media, of which this was none except for Fox and a few others who were actually doing their job.  With all that behind President Obama he had some bumps in the road and not only the ones caused by his in-action on many issues that then created the entire world to seem to implode.

Whether this was the right healthcare bill to replace Obamacare or not is not what I am talking about here, it is the fact that as soon as the first bump in the road happens the media, pundits and people start thinking President Trump is doomed.  He has 4 years in which to enact his agenda, give him some time.

When you take on a new job do you get everything right the first time?  Now image your taking on a new job and in order for you to do the job the way you envision it to be performed correctly you must interact with 535 people to implement your strategy.

I believe you might find some bumps in the road also.

The President and Republicans should learn what they did right in the healthcare replacement agenda and more importantly what they did wrong and move on.

They should start crafting a Healthcare replacement bill that a majority in the House and Senate believe is best for the American people as they are also attempting to move on with the rest of President Trump’s agenda, i.e. tax reform.

These men and women can chew gum and walk at the same time, at least I hope they can.  Or it might be better to say us as Americans hope they can.

Again let us all remain calm and analyze these failures and successes and move on to try to conduct America’s business as best as possible with the constraints and obstacles we have.

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