Donald Trump once again goes to the heart of Democratic strongholds by visiting Flint, Michigan, which has become a national symbol of what has gone wrong in America. Trump started by pointing to an announcement from Ford that the company is moving all of its small car production to Mexico over the next two or three years. Trump called the press release “terrible news for Michigan.” He said much of the blame is to be laid at the feet of President Bill Clinton and the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA is supported by Hillary Clinton as is the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership championed by Barack Obama.

Part way into his comments in Flint he was interrupted by one of the events sponsors telling him she didn’t want a political speech. Mr. Trump was very cordial and polite and returned to talking about cleaning up the water problem in Flint.

It was a departure of the confrontational Trump we’ve seen in the past to a much more professional candidate.

With nearly all polls moving in his direction across the nation his stop in Flint certainly won’t hurt as his momentum continues to build.