There is nothing left but the crying. For the #NeverTrump crowd, well it seems you have a choice to make after the New York billionaire steamrolled the field again by sweeping through the Northeast. His biggest prize, Pennsylvania where as I predicted he blew past 50% support among voters as the momentum in his campaign is building every day.

The bitterness of those opposed to Trump was clear on the faces and in the voices of those who were clearly disappointed by his big sweep on Tuesday.

The field began with 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination for President. Many political commentators and pundits dismissed him as a guy who stood no chance of ever winning. He continued to blast away with harsh rhetoric and on occasion personal attacks against those running against him. He slammed the early favorite Jeb Bush as ‘low energy’ and kept pounding away until Bush folded. Every other candidate succumbed to his cult of personality and his relentless barrage of fierce rhetoric and relentless populist talking points.

Hillary Clinton has been the presumptive nominee for the Democrats since before joining the race. Now that is pretty well signed, sealed and delivered for the former First Lady and Secretary of State. Clinton however continues to be plagued by the nagging questions of her honesty and her credibility.

So there it is Donald Trump is the sole survivor and the guy who will take on Hillary Clinton to be the 44th President of the United States.

And if you think he can’t be elected President you may want to consider this; Donald Trump took better than 50% in Pennsylvania and more than 60% in Rhode Island and Delaware.

It is a really, really good time to be a radio talk show host.

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