After another big win for the Donald Trump Juggernaut the political landscape is becoming more friendly to the Republican frontrunner for President. The double-digit win in South Carolina where Trump outperformed expectations in evangelicals has people re-thinking the entire race. Marco Rubio came in second and Ted Cruz third. John Kasich placed 5th but Jeb Bush dropped out, leaving five in the race.

Now Trump has substantial leads in 8 upcoming contests including Nevada on Tuesday, where his numbers are better than Rubio and Cruz combined.

In other notable poll results, Trump leads in Michigan where the Primary isn’t until March 8 but marks the beginning of a fight for voters in the heartland. Trumps lead in the Great Lakes State is significant and apparently growing.

Where are all of the people that counted The Donald out a dozen times since last summer?

So much for the pundits this time around.