The mass hysteria began last summer when Donald Trump offended plenty of people and announced his run for the White House. Pundits and so called experts paraded out and chuckled at the brash billionaire; almost all saying he had no chance of winning. Most predicted he would be out of the contest by Labor Day. By Labor Day 2016 however, Trump will be on the road as the Republican nominee and I believe on his way to the White House.

The critics, the usual motley crew of TV and radio babblers, quickly adjusted their predictions and re-adjusted and re-adjusted again as Trump kept winning and defying the odds.

Then something strange happened; it became clear he was going to win the GOP nomination and they began telling us he couldn’t win in the fall against Hillary Clinton. Wrong again. Now they are shifting again; now the line is that if he does win he will be a terrible President.

Well, I may just be jaded but I’m not going to listen to the chattering class any longer on this one. They have been wrong every time and I doubt they will get this one right either.