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Over the next couple of weeks I will be re-posting some of my columns written about Donald Trump in the 18 months leading up to his election as the 45th President of The United States. This is part of that series:

Donald Trump was on the road in Iowa Tuesday and he may have scored another major hit in his battle to secure the GOP nomination to be President of The United States.

This time it was Jorge Ramos of NBC’s Univision Network that came storming into a press conference like a bull in a China shop. Trump was attempting to get the festivities started with a woman in the front row but Ramos belligerently began shouting questions. Trump told him to sit down several times, pointing out it was not his turn to ask a question. Ramos, conducting himself in my opinion like the illegal aliens he defends, showed no respect for the other reporters gathered or the rules in general. It seems Ramos just think he is more important than anyone else in the room. Clearly flabbergasted, Trump finally said ok to his security people who escorted Ramos out of the room. “I have a right to ask a question” he was yelling as he was led from the room.

It seems Ramos missed the memo- the one making it clear that arrogant behavior just like his when it comes to illegal aliens is wearing very, very thin on most Americans. US citizens are getting sick and tired of hearing of the ‘plight’ of millions of illegal Mexicans & Central Americans living in the USA!

If things are so bad here Mr. Ramos, maybe you should heed the advice imparted upon you by Mr. Trump, “go back to Univision”.

You see most legal American citizens have run out of patience when it comes to those who are not here legally, don’t follow the rules, don’t show respect for others, cut to the front of the line while screaming about them being victims.

I for one applaud Donald Trump for throwing the bum out! It seems Jorge should hurry back to Mexico City as the folks there are missing their village idiot.

Oh- one more thing however, Trump let him back in a little while later to ask a few questions. In fact he went back and forth for 5 minutes and despite Ramos trying to shout him down, Trump took him apart and his specious arguments masterfully. And again I applaud him. It is his free flowing conversations on serious topics that he doesn’t need a teleprompter to execute that makes him a solid contender to secure the Republican nomination.

Trump will be attacked by the left for this I guarantee but the truth is his genuine and honest approach and his willingness to speak his mind continue to fuel his political rise and tonight it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

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