Donald Trump may have made an artful political move so astute that most Americans and political pundits simply missed it. Trump announced this week that he would not be subjecting himself to unfair and biased moderators at the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses. Fox News is hosting the debate and one of the moderators is Megyn Kelly, who has been the focus of Trump’s wrath since last August when she asked him a pointed question about him calling women derogatory names. Trump demanded that Kelly be removed from the panel. The network flatly refused, so Trump pulled out.

Trump will instead be hosting a veterans event to raise money for Wounded Warriors. He will also attract about half the national press core while the other 7 candidates are on the main stage.

So the cameras will be rolling while he is brining in cash for those maimed in war. American flags waving, widows crying and Donald Trump there to help any way he can.

There is also the added benefit of attracting Democrats to his movement because he has stood up to the big bad Fox News and all it stands for.

Will it help him? Or in the end will it siphon votes away from his campaign?

I am not sure but I am going to bet- the decision is much more likely to bring Trump more support and voters, not less. The pundits will likely say otherwise but their track record isn’t much over the past many months- certainly not compared to the winning streak Donald Trump has put together.