Over the next couple of weeks I will be re-posting some of my columns written about Donald Trump in the 18 months leading up to his election as the 45th President of The United States. This is part of that series:

The pundits said time and again that Donald Trump and his bombastic comments would soon fade from the national stage. They told us his announcement speech would mean he’d never even get out of the gate. He did. They said his comments about women like Carly Fiorina and Megyn Kelly would crush his aspirations. They didn’t. They said his remarks saying we should lock the door to Muslim immigrants would end his election bid. Nope, wrong again.

So now they are finally moving away from the Trump cannot win the GOP nomination narrative. I mean with less than 3 weeks to go before the first ballots of 2016 are cast in Iowa; Trump is enjoying a modest surge there and just might win. He is already cruising toward a win in New Hampshire. Beyond that he is in very good shape in states like South Carolina and very well might walk away with the nomination.

So now, many of the pundits, in fact nearly all of them in some circles have shifted their narrative to one of two themes or a combination thereof. One, if Trump does win the Republican nomination, he cannot possibly win the White House and Two a Trump nomination will forever doom the Republican Party.

So lets review; the pundits have been wrong about Trump just about across the board. Democrats have been wrong. Republicans have been wrong. Independents have been wrong. On TV and on the radio political pundits have been wrong. Talking heads blathering on and on and on, on the 24-hour news cycle have been wrong, 24 hours at a time. Yet they keep blathering, pontificating, denigrating, judging, insulting and declaring the Trump candidacy dead. They are all wrong all the time.

Donald Trump meanwhile has been right on message and any act of terrorism here at home or a downturn in the economy like we are starting to witness will without a doubt benefit his Presidential aspirations.

Trump is winning the argument on illegal aliens. He is winning the argument on the bad deal with Iran. He is winning on the trouble with the economy. He is winning on a whole host of issues in his conversation with the American people. Like it or not, no matter what the so-called experts are saying, Trump is winning.

The bottom line is this, Donald Trump can certainly win the Presidency and with the trouble on the Democratic side with their likely nominee and the FBI investigation he seems to be moving ever closer to that possibility, no matter what the pundits would like you to believe.