If you have any doubts about the support for President Trump in Michigan, don’t. You should expect a huge crowd in Michigan for President Trumps rally on Thursday. The President’s stop in Grand Rapids is his first since being cleared of collusion or obstruction by Special Counsel Bob Mueller. In fact you should expect a full-blown celebration with tens of thousands on hand to take it all in.

Trump is ready to spike the football when he arrives in West Michigan. And why not? Trump has been dogged by the cloud of the Mueller investigation for almost two years and now can move forward full speed.

The investigation by Mueller took 22 months and cost more than $25 Million dollars to complete and in the end found nothing of significance to The President.

Michigan was pivotal in the 2016 Election and Trump carried the state by just over 10,000 votes over Hillary Clinton. Michigan along with Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and all the rust belt states are certain to be critical in the 2020 Presidential Election as well. It is no accident Trump is kicking off his re-election campaign in Michigan. Grand Rapids was The Presidents last stop before polls opened in 2016 and his team knows how important it is to win the Great Lakes State again.

12,000 people were originally expected to turn out but I guarantee that number will be dwarfed—in fact turnout could be double that figure or more.

The silent majority is ready to be heard and to celebrate with The President and trust me they will!

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