The lengths that some people will go to demand special rights or identify as some sort of victim is simply breath taking these days. I can guarantee you that this sort of baseless conversation will be coming to a school near you at some point in the not to distant future.

How many gender identities do you believe there are? Many of you may say two, as in male and female. Others may have thought well- male and female. Others may have thrown in hermaphrodite for a third option but that is where I run out of options. However in today’s culture there are apparently a whole host of other possibilities.

In fact a school in the UK is asking kids between the ages of 13 and 18 to pick their gender from a list of 23 options. Yep- 23 different genders to choose from if you are attending high school across the pond.

The survey is the work of Children’s Commissioner for England, a government post created to advocate for the interests of children.

“We want to know how gender matters to young people: what does gender mean to them; how does it affect their lives; what do they want to change?” Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield told the Telegraph newspaper.

At least one educational figure in the UK agrees with Longfield. Ashley Harrold, the head teacher of one school, praised the survey as a way to improve children’s lives.

Really? Improve children’s lives? How does she think that happens. You have little boys and little girls and you make them happier by injecting them with a vulgar parade of euphemisms that only provide confusion and most likely a pile of anxiety. This is more likely to create shame and guilt. Can you imagine the child thinking, “Well I always thought I was just a normal boy but what if I’m not, what if I’m something else? Am I too boring just being a boy?” This sounds a whole lot more like social engineering and indoctrination than anything else.

Oh, I’m sorry you’re wondering what the hell could be on a list with 23 options to choose from for gender. Ok- heres the list you’ve been wondering about:






-(Young) woman

-(Young) man



-Gender fluid








-Gender non-conforming


-All genders

-In the middle of boy and girl


-Not sure

-Rather not say

And just in case that isn’t enough- you can always choose other and fill in the blank. I mean because maybe you just cannot figure it out.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what many of these terms even meant. So I decided to pick one and check the definition on line; so I chose the term ‘Demi-Boy’ to see what I could find. Here is part of what I found on The Urban Dictionary:

Demiboy can be used to describe someone assigned male at birth who feels but the barest association with that identification, though not a significant enough dissociation to create real physical discomfort or dysphoria, or someone assigned female at birth who is trans masculine but not wholly binary-identified, so that they feel more strongly associated with “male” than “female,” socially or physically, but not strongly enough to justify an absolute self-identification as “man". I was born female, but I feel partially like a boy, but I also feel partially genderless too. That means I'm a demiboy. I was born a boy and identify partially as a boy, but I also feel like I identify as another gender.

I’ll be honest again- I still have absolutely no idea what that means or what a Demi-Boy is or isn’t. That of course makes me an intolerant bigot and any Demi-Boy I meet a victim of my ignorance because of course I will have no idea if I ever meet a Demi-Boy or not. I mean, how the hell would I be able to tell.

Ok, deep breath here.

Oddly enough the dictionary only offers two options. Merriam Webster defines gender very simply and as follows:

gender label: noun

plural inflection genders

1.) The state of being male or female


It’s clear the left isn’t just battling for the hearts and minds of our kids but for everything below their belts as well. I mean who sits around and concocts this rubbish? Their goal must be something more complete, more sinister and more permanent.

There is not one spec of reputable science that would result in 23 gender options on a form. None, period.

It is time to fight back for what is right and just and moral.