The small town of Irish Hills, MI is about to get a serious makeover and something tells me there's going to be a lot more people coming through this Fall. Irish Hills is a place I've actually been coming to my entire life and is a beautiful town with multiple lakes. It's kind of tucked into the woods a bit, in comparison to other places I've lived. There are already multiple attractions in the area including a Mystery Spot and the Stagecoach Saloon, which is where this new transformation will be taking place according to Nate Thompson, who made a major announcement recently:

Absolutely HUGE news! I'm extremely proud to announce I have officially signed a 3 year, multi-property lease agreement in Irish Hills, MI to bring the community, and tourists, a literal town of Horror. The property is located within the Stagecoach Saloon & Event Venue, and we're currently in construction to get ready for the upcoming season. Store fronts, Museums, Haunted Houses, and more. Stay tuned for all of the updates!
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Local residents are already showing their excitement for the new attraction as Halloween is quickly becoming the biggest holiday in the country especially among the younger generations:

It will be so awesome to have this place back in operation! And to have a great attraction for all that come thru the area and for us regulars!!

Congrats! Looking forward to this!
The closer we get to Halloween season, the more announcements we'll be seeing on all the haunted attractions in the state.

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