While most polls show Republicans Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land with an edge going into November's elections, help to boost their campaign coffers is on the way.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie heading to Michigan


Mlive.com is reporting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is set to visit Michigan on Wednesday to hold two "thousand-dollar-a-plate" fundraisers for the candidates.  Snyder will join Christie for a private affair in Grand Rapids, then Christie will head to Bloomfield Hills for an event for Land.

The report also indicates that Democrats are criticizing the visit of who they call an embattled candidate, claiming Christie is guilty of some wrongdoing in connection with what has been termed "Bridge-gate" and are calling on Land to cancel his appearance on her behalf.

A spokesperson for the Republican U. S. Senate candidate, though, is calling the party hypocritical.  Land spokesperson Heather Swift, according to the article, questions why they didn't call for Obama administration officials to cancel their campaign visits to Michigan, on behalf of Democrats facing election or reelection, in light of all the scandals they are facing.

No comment from Democrats on that one.