Perspective parents looking for that perfect baby name can either go with the flow of the the past or pick something new.  In fact, a new report shows that there is a new winner for boy's name but a change for the girls. is reporting that the annual list from the Social Security Administration shows last year's top name of Jacob has been knocked out of the top spot by the name Noah.

Among girl names, though, Sophia still reigns supreme.

The report is surprising since it's the first time since 1960 that something other than Jacob or Michael has taken the top spot.  Jacob was number one from 1999-2012.  This year it dropped to number three in popularity.  Michael was at the top from 1960-1998.  It dropped to the 7th spot.

Among other boy names that seem to be the most popular for parents in 2013 are:  Liam, Mason, Ethan and Jayden.   For girls, Emma came in second, followed by Olivia, Isabella, Ava and Mia.

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