We keep hearing from teachers union representatives that Michigan is finding it harder to attract teachers to come here because the pay and benefits are so horrible.  Do not believe everything you hear or read.

I just read an article in The Michigan Capital Confidential news site which informed us of a full time teaching position which the Clarkston Community Schools was advertising. Their Superintendent said they had 82 applicants for that one open teacher position.

The starting salary for that open position is $38,087 for a candidate with a bachelor’s degree. Under the current Union contact that starting salary will rise to $50,782 in six years. That teaching position also comes with "health, dental, long-term disability and life insurance".

That is a 33% raise in 6 years, sounds pretty good to me how about you?

Again never believe everything you hear or read, there is almost always a hidden agenda at play.

Now you may be thinking "I am reading your article should I believe it, or you are believing the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site". Good point, but the MI Cap Con news site is sourcing their data and I have followed MI Cap Con for years and they always stick to the facts and only the facts when writing their articles.

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