It seems that more than 7 out of 10 of our young people here in Michigan are too fat or too stupid to serve in the US Military. No, I’m serious.

A new report released this week says 71% of Michigan residents between 17 and 24 are not qualified for military service because of obesity, lack of a proper education or trouble with the law.

Funny how the entitlement mentality has led to devastating results for everyone but mostly for our kids. You see, kids who think they are owed everything under the sun, turn out to be spoiled brats and spoiled brats are not an asset in the long run or even the short run. No, spoiled brats are a liability.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to do in America what is done in Israel and that is compulsory military service for everyone 18 years of age. That would certainly ingrain an understanding and respect for our nation that is sorely lacking. It’s not just that they are fat, lazy and stupid- no, it’s also that while they lay in their lavish surroundings they insult the working people of this nation and attack America in word and deed.


Stand Up America!