Over 500 people were slaughtered in Paris by Islamic terrorists. In San Bernadino another 14 executed by those driven the same ideology. Now in Orlando in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom another 49 lives cut short yet again by the same murderous blood-thirsty cult.

Yet across America a collective yawn. It seems there are far more important things to concern us with. What happened to the proud nation I grew up in? Where are the leaders who will focus their justifiable rage at the insidious monsters that want us all murdered and not at political opponents for one or two points in the next poll?

Where the hell am I? Where the hell is America?

The left wing establishment that runs the major media in this nation and their co-conspirators in the Democratic Party came out to let us know that Orlando really had nothing to do with Islamic terrorists and instead we should focus on the following: Anti-gay Christians (ACLU), The National Rifle Association (New York Daily News), gun owners in general (Sen. Dick Durbin, Illinois), Gun Show Loopholes (Hillary Clinton), Misguided rhetoric by Donald Trump (Barack Obama) and a whole host of others that have exactly nothing to do with butchering innocent Americans or Frenchmen or Belgians. Frankly, everything wrong with this world can be laid at the feet of entitled white men, specifically conservative white men.

It is a world in which up is down, right is wrong and blue is black. The truth does not matter in a world ruled by Marxist ideology and an electorate too damned stupid to even know what that term means!

There is just no doubt left that the agenda of the left is to destroy everything that I hold dear. The left wants to tear down the Constitution and actually doesn’t even care anymore if you know it. The left is so emboldened by it’s government check zombies of entitlement that it will do pretty much whatever it wants. I can assure you, if you are someone who believes you should direct your own life, make personal choices for your own family and guide your life by your own God given rights and principals, well you are sadly mistaken.

Hillary is rolling down the tracks. She is picking up steam and like a guided missile pointed at Thaniel Hall, she aims to burn the last remnants of America like a 60’s style bra-burning party. It is all about power with the Clinton’s but Bill is about to get a rude awakening too. ‘Move over Slick, you’re are so last century!’ It’s Hillary’s time and she has some scores to settle.

I cannot warn you any louder than that!