Multiculturalism was on full display in London again this week. The splayed bodies of men and women laying on the pavement, a police officer’s life running out of his body and onto the street in front of Parliament and a Muslim terrorists lifeless eyes starring blindly to the heavens he hoped to achieve through murder and chaos.

Condescending liberals who rarely venture far beyond the campus or the coffee shop in strangely white and wealthy neighborhoods are pontificating daily about fixing problems they do not understand. Although woefully unprepared for a true debate on the massive failures of unrestrained immigration and living in a land of make believe; they still think they hold the moral high ground in the fight for the future of many great nations. They are convinced that despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary we can all live in peace if we just let everyone through the door. What they fail to understand is too often multiculturalism simply means the freedom for people of all backgrounds, races and genders to die together. The common thread that has been discovered sadly is the river of blood and the roads paved with body parts.

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil is the battle cry of many liberals who raise their voices to demand tolerance to the rioting faithful but admonish them as fools, bigots and fascists.  This is how they behave to anyone who disagrees with their message of inclusion  and fancy themselves above the fray.

The warring tribes of northern Africa and Europe have fled their homelands, not in search of peace as is suggested by their liberal enablers but rather in search of new lands in which to plant their flags and renew bloody battles against the infidels that have raged for centuries. They arrive, not to assimilate but to propagate their version of truth and Godliness.

The Somali’s have their turf. The Eritreans have theirs. A little farther down you’ll find the area carved out by the Syrians and another for Yemini. Sunnis are on one side of the street and Shiites on the other. The hatred of these clans toward one another dates back centuries and it's ingrained, bred into each succeeding generation. It's taught from the day they are born. It matters not if they are in their historic homeland on the banks of the Thames, their battles are fought to the death. If you take away their guns they will find sticks and stones to beat infidels and each other to death. If those things are taken away they will find a knife, take a car, go careening through sidewalks packed with people of very diverse backgrounds and scatter the bodies like so many rag dolls in a windstorm. They in many ways are like the Kamikazes of Wolrd War II; they are driven by ideology, fanaticism and unadulterated hatred that has no cure but death itself.

They do this to declare faith to their God. They dismember, mutilate, and murder in the name of Allah. They don’t care where they spill blood and rip savagely into the underbelly of humanity just as long as they do. The more carnage they create, the more they are revered as 'heroes’ in dusty villages, in places you’ve never heard of, or could find on a map. The eyes of young children in those forgotten places look up as the cheering takes place and bask in the glow of the victorious attack. Another generation is preparing to find it’s own glory in the bloody entrails of the enemy.

The Caliphate is what matters. Nothing else is important. The question is, whose Caliphate is it anyway?

Meanwhile, in the great cities like London, Brussels and Paris the quest to worship at the alter of liberalism forces otherwise good and intelligent people to look blindly and coldly away as the blood washes into the sewers, from the streets above. The pursuit of diversity creates a willful ignorance so powerful that grotesque violent acts have become commonplace in the Western World. Professors and other finely insulated purveyors of the perversion of common sense into a misguided message of guilt has reduced our level of civilization.

It is neither noble nor courageous to allow the blood bath in our countries to continue without fighting back. It is time to step up and put it to an end. We cannot stand by silently any longer while bloodthirsty fiends infiltrate our communities under the banner of, ‘the majority of Muslims are good people.’ I’m sure that’s true. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to do a head count on who is who. We are also learning in the UK and Belgium that their own citizens are joining the fight to kill their neighbors.

It’s easy for those on the left to call people names that are legitimately afraid of Islamic terrorism. It’s easy to use terms like xenophobic and bigot but what is apparently much harder is for the left to offer any real solutions to the problems we are facing in the Western World.

While Democrats and other liberals are calling Conservatives, Republicans and others pushing for limiting immigration from war torn mostly Muslim nations names and hurling insults the death tolls continue to rise. With the new weapons of war being motor vehicles and knives, don’t be surprised when the next terror attack comes much closer to home. And don’t be surprised when those on the left call you names for telling the truth about the threat.

I can honestly tolerate a lot, but I cannot tolerate multiculturalism at the cost of innocent people bleeding out in the streets while mindless liberals hold their fingers in a heart shape and call for unity. Unity? I have a better idea, how about solidarity against these murderous pigs no matter where they come from?

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