It's been almost 11 months since Jessica Heeringa went missing from a convenience store in Norton Shores.  Despite the time lapse, though, officials say the case is still a priority and tips on the woman's whereabouts continue to come in.

Jessica Heeringa went missing on April 26th of last year.

The Detroit News is quoting Norton Shores officials as saying police are still following up on leads, tips and other information in the case.  Heeringa is believed to have been abducted from a Mobile Gas Station just before closing on April 26, 2013.  The single mother hasn't been seen since.

People have come forward saying they believe they heard Heeringa speaking to a man shortly before the abduction occured but did not see the man.  Others reported seeing a silver minivan in the area around the time of the crime.

Police speculate that the driver could have lured Heeringa out a back door of the store then forced her into the vehicle.    Despite a $15,000 reward being offered, the case remains unsolved.