A woman who reportedly has mental issues used a car she obtained legally to murder and maim dozens of innocent people on Saturday morning. Witnesses say 25 year old Adacia Chambers crashed through a parked police motor cycle before smashing into the crowd gathered for the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. Victims were thrown as high as 35 feet in the air during the horrible incident.

Originally it was thought the Stillwater, Oklahoma native was high on drugs or alcohol but her attorney says she is not a normal acting or competent person. Despite the suggestion of mental illness, Chambers has been charged with several counts of 2nd degree murder. Four people including a two year old died from being hit by the car. 47 more suffered injuries and many remain hospitalized, some in critical condition.

Chambers reportedly had a complete background check to obtain a legal drivers license and the small sedan was apparently also obtained legally, but it is clear the car should never have been in her possession. This is just one of the many incidents each day in America where innocent people are slaughtered because of cars.

We cannot wait any longer to stop this epidemic of death. We must enact common sense motor vehicle restriction laws to keep cars and trucks out of the hands of those that simply should not have them. We can no longer protect the big car manufacturers and their friends in Washington. We can no longer look the other way when those from special interest groups defend the private ownership of cars and trucks. The death, destruction and bloodshed must end.

The carnage in Oklahoma is just another tragic chapter of cars being used to kill people and was unbelievable according to eyewitnesses. Konda Walker, an OSU graduate who was in Stillwater with her sister to celebrate homecoming, said she was only about 50 feet from the horrible crash scene. She said it took her a few seconds to process what had happened. There were bodies and injured people lying "all over the place," Walker said. "One woman was a crumpled mess on the road. They turned her over and started CPR. We realized she didn't make it,"

The deadly crash involving the 2014 Hyundai Elantra sedan further underscores why private citizens should not be operating motor vehicles any longer. It’s pretty clear that the 35,000 people that are killed needlessly each year in this nation have to be honored and it’s time to put an end to it. It is also time to hold car manufacturers accountable for the toll they inflict each year on communities and families.

With current technology that allows vehicles to be driven by computer guided by programs with satellite assist- there is just no need to allow Americans or anyone else to operate cars and trucks.

In addition the misuse of cars for frivolous activities like joy riding or going to get pizza on a Friday night when there are other options to eat at home, just further contributes to the major crisis of global warming. If we can stop the thousands of needless deaths from motor vehicle crashes and save the planet at the same time then we simply must act.

For the sake of future generations we must take a stand against the destruction that comes from building, operating and ultimately abusing cars and trucks in this nation. I for one have had enough.

I urge you to join me in my effort; Parents Aligned to Remove Cars, or PARC for short. It is time we took the keys away from everybody- for good. We can save 1700 young people from dying each year plus tens of thousands of others and stem the rise of oceans and the melting polar ice caps.

Our future simply depends on you saying enough America. What is more important, your freedom and that of your children, or saving lives and ending global warming. You decide.