The Northport Marina had to be shut down over the weekend due to a diesel fuel spill. This was around 5 p.m. on Sunday according to officials.

The culprit behind the spill was a yacht... owned by none other, than Tim Allen. And if you think it was just a little incident, I refer you to the wise words of Al Borland...

"I don't think so Tim."

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As of late Monday evening, the marina was still closed. Harbormaster Bill Rosemurgy told media "nobody in and nobody out."

According to the Leelanau Township Fire Chief, Hugh Cook, the leak came from a fuel filter issue on the boat that result in spewing diesel fuel all throughout the engine compartment. Once it filled up, the bilge pump activated, and poured it into the marina.

The owner of the boat - Allen - was not made aware of the leak until they had docked at the gas dock, and onlookers told them they were pouring diesel fuel out into the marina.

Allen confirmed in an interview that the fuel filter gasket popped while he was rounding the corner of Omena Bay, and he had no idea he was leaking fuel until someone pointed it out to him.

"I felt very uncomfortable closing the harbor down for everybody. But we're going to get it open."

It's estimated around 11 gallons of fuel was spilled into the harbor, with about 30 gallons total leaked from the engine. Even small amounts of diesel fuel can cause havoc on the water as it is more oily than standard gasoline, and will spread faster on the water's surface.

The Coast Guard was made aware of the spill Sunday night, and are actively working to clean up the harbor with booms and absorbent pads. They're hoping to have the harbor opened back up by Tuesday.

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