The biggest company in laundry Proctor & Gamble just announced that they'll be raising prices on their Tide & Gain laundry products, Downy fabric softener, and Bounce dryer sheets.

Oh great! I love spending more money than I did yesterday on the same product I've been buying for years. The increase in price is a refreshing new take on my wallet. I don't need money, I can just give all my hard-earned away to everyone!

If retailers decide to pass off any of the increases, additional household staples will be pricier for shoppers. US consumer prices rose 7% annually in December, the steepest climb in prices in 39 years.

P&G said it's raising prices to offset some cost pressures, including transportation, labor and commodities it uses to manufacture its products.


To think this is the steepest climb in product prices in 39 years shows us that we really dropped the ball these last few years. COVID-19 did a crazy amount of damage to our economy and now prices everywhere are a reflection of that. Not to mention the current presidential administration has been getting smacked around globally via trade, the U.S. is set to fall back into 2nd or 3rd place in the world's economy.  That means higher prices on goods because the U.S. dollar has gone down in value. Now I'm not an expert on economics and I'm certainly no math major, but there has to be a way to offset this increase. Another part of me feels like these big companies are lying and are just trying to find a way to tax people more. Proctor & Gamble has a net worth of over $230 Billion dollars from selling detergent over the years. Now I'm the one that has to pay more money?

Just doesn't seem fair...

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