Are you a young professional and want to stay in Michigan? Well, this city was recently ranked by Zippia to be the best for just that!

I graduated in 2018 from Grand Valley State University and while I knew I wanted to stay in Michigan, I also wanted to remain close to my family and my long-term boyfriend when it came time to look for jobs.

Luckily, I had a job in my field already in Grand Rapids and was able to continue that path for a few years, though I did have to pick up a second job in retail as the one in radio was part time.

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When I got the job that brought me to Lansing, that really opened up a lot of doors for my personal relationships and it got me thinking that cities like Grand Rapids and Lansing really do have a lot of resources and opportunities for professionals.

However, if you want to jumpstart your career, Zippia says the Michigan city that the best city for young (and single) professionals is Ann Arbor!

I feel the need to point out the "single" part of this as it really hits home with me as my relationship really helped me hone in on where I wanted to go as a young professional jumpstarting my radio career.

Also, if you are a young professional and are single, you probably want to choose to work in an area where you will find success in your career as well as your love life.

That's why in order to come to this conclusion, Zippia looked at metrics within various cities such as the amount of singles (never married) there, that city's median income, average rent and unemployment rates.

From there, while Ann Arbor did not crack the top 10 in America, they did come in number one in Michigan which is great news for fresh faces in their fields who want to stick around the Mitten!

While you may be a single, young professional looking for success, money and love, here's a look at the richest people in each state for you to hope they are not married and you can work your magic:

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