One of my favorite pastimes is fishing. I have been obsessed with it since I was a kid. The fact you never know what you are gonna catch, or how big of a fish you're gonna catch is so exciting. Now I will say growing up in Chicago, we did not have the great fishing that Michigan has. We fished in a lot of forest preserves in Illinois and many of them were poorly stocked and really did not have many fish. We did do ok fishing the Kankakee river though.

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This Fish May Be Coming Back

One of my favorite fish to go after is Large Mouth Bass. Well, check this out from, Arctic Grayling used to be in abundance in Michigan waters years ago. They started to disappear around 1936 by overfishing. Now researchers at Michigan State University are working to get them back to Michigan streams.

In the state of Michigan, right now we have brook trout, brown trout rainbow trout, we have other Pacific Salmonid, a bunch of non-game fish as well, tons of other species. But the big fish that's lacking in the Lower Peninsula is Arctic grayling," said Nicole Watson, a Ph.D. student in MSU's Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.

The Arctic grayling is a cool and pretty fish, full of many colors, and has a unique sail-like dorsal fin. Its home used to be in two states in the lower 48, Montana and Michigan. Michigan even has a city named after them.

How To Help Bring This Fish Back To Michigan Waters

Grayling is a very popular fish now in Alaska, Montana, Siberia, and Canada. I love the idea of bringing a new fish here. Putting their fish eggs in Michigan streams is one way they will bring them back. Also, communities can help support this by following and knowing fishing regulations, helping to maintain habitats, and just learning about the fish themselves. This initiative will all be funded by your generous donations. Get more info at

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