Well finally a suggestion from the United States Federal government I and many other Dads can be happy about.

Fox Channel 5 out of New York reported on the governments Energy Star federal program concerning what temperature to keep your central air conditioner at during the summer. The Energy Star program is managed jointly by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.  This program is designed to provide information to consumers about energy efficiency practices.

According to Energy Star, we should all keep our central air thermostat set to 78 degrees when we are home.  They state this is the optimal temperature for both cooling and energy efficiency.

When we leave our home during the day we should set the thermostat to 85 degrees or higher.  I was always told that it would cost more to cool your home down to the temperature you want when you get home if you have it so high during the day.

How about when you sleep, you might find it interesting that the Energy Star program recommends keeping the temperature set at 82 degrees or higher.  Now even to me that sounds a bit high and uncomfortable to sleep in.

The Energy Star program also recommends opening your windows at night to fill the house with cool air and then shutting all windows and blinds in the morning to trap the cool air inside.

Now Dads you can turn up the temperature on your air conditioner and tell your loved ones that you are simply doing what our government wants and helping to save the environment.

It is not my fault, blame the government honey.

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