WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

We have to give those to those who are willing to venture into these abandoned locations in Michigan and around the world, because I sure don't have the guts to cross the entryways myself.

Abandoned Michigan High School

There are tons of high schools, middle schools, even elementary schools here in Michigan. Left abandoned and open to the wilderness, as well as those who like to explore these abandoned places.

Let's not forget those who may have less than great intentions for the old buildings, especially with spray paint.

See what's left of this abandoned high school in Flint, which has some damage from both mother nature as well as vandals.

Abandoned Flint High School With Everything Left Inside

This abandoned high school in Flint, Michigan still has everything left inside of it from when it was open.
@jakexploring This is a crazy find… #abandoned ##exploring##school##michigan##flint##fyp##tiktok##screammovie ♬ The Lonely Tree Longer - The Lonely Tree

Look Inside This Decaying Military Hospital In Northern Michigan

Take a look inside this abandoned military hospital in northern Michigan.

Take A Look At This Abandoned Antique Store In Michigan

It's a little ironic that a place that is meant to hold old discarded things, is now disregarded itself. Take a look at this abandoned antique store in Michigan.

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