I am a carnivore. I love to grill. But as much as I like grilling meat, sometimes you have to change it up a bit. Taking a break from burgers, brats, steaks and chicken seems boring, but it can be tasty.

I have a Green Egg at home. This thing can grill and smoke. There really are no limits to adding flavor to whatever you want to conjure up for dinner time.

Here are a few non-meat items that you can throw on the grill:


I am a big fan of grilled zucchini, squash, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Any of these items are tasty served alone, or you can mix them all together for a nice grilled veggie dish. Let your mind be creative and try some new items on the grill.

Here are some I want to try: grilled artichokes, grilled avocado and potato wedges.

Charring anything only adds flavor. Just make sure to put some olive oil on what you want to grill. Keep an eye on it, you just want a nice char.

While you're at it, you could grill some heads of romaine and have a charred Caesar salad.


This is something that I have not done yet. I haven’t grilled a pizza. It’s not that I'm afraid to do it, I’m just lazy.

I did some research and found that the best way to grill a pizza is to make it with pizza dough made from scratch. Of course, like anything else you grill, you’ll want to make sure the grill is brushed and cleaned. Once you have your dough ready, it’s suggested that you lightly oil and flour your dough before you put it on the grill. Let that base grill for a few minutes, oil the other side and flip it over. Once you flip it you can start applying your sauce and toppings.

Don’t let it burn. Once you pull it off the grill, call me, and I’ll come over and taste test it with you.

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This is like the pizza. You'll start by lightly oiling your tortillas and placing one of the tortillas on the grill.

Once it starts heating up, add your cheese and toppings and keep an eye on the tortilla to make sure it doesn’t burn. Then you apply the other tortilla to the top.

Once you have your quesadilla stacked, carefully turn it over. Allow the quesadilla to melt together for a minute, remove from grill, do not allow it to burn.

Bon Appetit.


Heat can bring flavor out of food. That's what you want when it comes to grilling fruit.

Name your fruit. You can put it on the grill. Things like bananas, apples, strawberries, lemons, pineapples and more. I am a big fan of fruit, and like it even more when it comes off the grill.

There are plenty of recipes on the web that you can find to use to grill up some fruits. I'm a simple man and like to keep it that way with a little butter, sugar, or brown sugar.


For those that like tofu, you can grill that too. Be sure to pat the tofu with paper towels to absorb excess water before grilling. You can even use tofu patties as a burger substitute.

I am always looking for new things to grill, meat or not. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Submit your suggestions via the app.

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