Now this is a bit troubling and sounds like some futuristic movie we use to watch and think no way.

Well the future is now.

Do you remember some years back when sites like and others were asking customers and future customers to send in their DNA in order to perform genealogy tracing?

According to an article I just read in our government seems to be using DNA databases from sites like and 23andme in an attempt to solve crimes.

With the current administration, Democrat party and climate many of us saw this coming.

Currently 23andMe and Ancestry have a combined database of over 2 million customers, and the cops are knocking on their doors.  A New Orleans filmmaker became a suspect in an unsolved murder case after cops did a familial genetic search in an database using semen collected in 1996.   The filmmaker was eventually found to be innocent but think of all the stress and money he must have burned through.

Do you have a concern that the police can access your DNA in private genetic databases?

Did break any laws?  No, they have stipulations in their privacy policies that they will turn information over to law enforcement if served with a court order.

I think this proves to us all that you should attempt to keep your DNA to yourself.

Does this sound a bit Orwellian?

Do you believe that if you give up your DNA then the police should be able to have access to it?

Is it time to stop this madness?

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