If you don't like or know how to drive through a roundabout, they're ALL dangerous, right?

People either love them or hate them; are they safer, or nah?

It was recently announced that Genesee County is looking at 3,600 different intersections that could be candidates for new roundabouts. It's been proven that roundabouts reduce traffic accidents and deaths; however, they can all be dangerous if people don't know how to use them.

We can't seem to find a concrete answer on how many roundabouts there are in the mitten state currently, but this map indicates that there are quite a few.

via michiganautolaw.com
via michiganautolaw.com

MichiganAutoLaw.com has released the list of the 10 most dangerous roundabouts in Michigan in 2019. To compile the list, they used underlying car accident reports from the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit. The reports are created by using traffic reports from local law enforcement.

And now, for all of the haters, may I present to you...the 10 most dangerous roundabouts in Michigan.

10 Most Dangerous Roundabouts in Michigan

So, as you can see, interestingly enough, NONE of them are in Genesee County. However, I can tell you (since my son used to take Irish dance classes down there) that the Commerce Township roundabouts are RIDICULOUSLY scary. It's like a bad version of MarioKart.

If you could add to the list, which ones would you pick?

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