Michigan with a new wolf hunting law on the books.....but not until 2015, despite a vote taken by members of the State House on Wednesday.  And that, is giving those opposed a chance to launch a legal challenge.

MLive.com is reporting today new questions that for those, who thought the vote this week giving the Department of Natural Resources Commission the say in when wolf hunts would be ordered, would end the controversy once and for all.  But, apparently, no so fast.

Wolf hunting in the state may not resume until 2015.  The legislation approved by the House doesn't need the governor's signature but won't take full effect until 91 days after the Legislature adjourns for the year.

Those looking to stop the hunts say they're concerned about 'how' the law was changed and won't give up the fight to have the voices of Michigan residents heard.

"Once again, the Legislature has stomped on the voters in this state, but we will be overturning this unconstitutional initiative in court," said Jill Fritz, head of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected and state director of the Humane Society of the United States.

Fritz is quoted in the article as saying that the push will continue to get voters to go to the polls in November to vote "no" on the two ballot initiatives on wolf hunting--despite being declared moot at this point.

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