There is an easy way for Michigan to get rid of Daylight Savings and one state is already doing it. I'm hoping Michigan goes the same way as Louisiana as according to WILX, Louisiana is the first state to adopt a law that would get rid of two times a year when we roll our clocks back and forth. Louisiana's law would make it so that when the next spring time clock change happens, March 2021, that they would stay with that time.

Even though Louisiana passed this through their state house it doesn't mean that it is a law, and actually they need a little help. That help can come from the US Congress who can make the law go into effect if they amends current federal law to allow states to decide whether or not they adopt daylight saving time as their year round time.

I have been hoping Michigan would do this since our sun schedule is quite strange as we have tons of afternoon and evening sun in the summer, while in the winter the sun seems to go away earlier than most states. Now I know that in the winter we have less sun, but since we are on the edge of the eastern time zone and with daylight savings two times a year, our sun schedule is even more screwed up as we get to the winter months. Daylight savings was supposed to be for a number of things but one thing was that it allowed kids to go to school in the sun(i think?), but due to clock changes over the decades it seems like we wake up to no sun and miss most of it being inside working/schooling. Getting rid of daylight savings would really help evening out our sun schedule, though it might take a few years, but it is worth a shot since changing our clocks twice a year really hasn't done much.

Hopefully we will hear something soon from Congress and then we can all stop complaining about our sleep schedule the day/week after daylight savings. More on it here.

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