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Hillary Clinton lied Sunday about lying for the past several years. She flat out lied about lying on Fox News Sunday when she said FBI Director James Comey referred to her comments about her home brew server and the classified emails she sent back and forth as ‘truthful.’ The comments were so dishonest that the Washington Post gave her it’s worst rating of 4 Pinocchio’s.

We know she is lying. She knows she is lying. The voters know she is lying. The whole world knows she is lying. So when she goes out and lies on top of years worth of lies all she does is drive down her honest and trustworthy numbers even more. That is astonishing considering how low her trustworthy numbers are to begin with.

Then she blamed State Department professionals and ambassadors across the world that she forced to communicate with her for the entire problem. It was vintage Clinton, dodge the question spew misinformation, call it old news and toss blame around like an old fashioned manure spreader.

It is mind numbing. It may be impossible actually to lie anymore about a single topic than Hillary did over the weekend and the press did almost nothing to cover the story. If a Republican lied bald faced to the American people over and again they would be held accountable as they should be. However it appears all journalistic ethics have been flushed down the toilet this year in pursuit of the Democratic agenda.

The last vestige of hope is with American voters.