Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has confirmed that Michigan has joined 45 other states in a bipartisan antitrust investigation into Facebook.

It's Facebook official. The social media site is facing a challenge from nearly all of the 50 United States, including Michigan, regarding antitrust practices.

Facebook has played a major role in shaping our global online economy as one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It is illegal for a business to use its market power to engage in anticompetitive conduct in an effort to achieve or maintain a monopoly. Our personal data is the biggest commodity in today’s online economy and, as the chief law enforcement officer of the state, it is my duty to ensure Michigan residents’ personal data doesn’t continue to be pillaged in a monopolist’s quest to control social media and advertising markets.

-Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel  

Facebook Inc.’s antitrust woes widened on Tuesday as dozens more states joined New York’s wide-ranging investigation into whether the company’s business practices have stifled competition or put users at risk. In addition to the federal and state probes, Facebook is also under investigation by the House Judiciary Committee, which is conducting a broad review of the control the big internet platforms have over the economy.

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