On October 29, 1917, the Rising Sun steamship was making its way from High Island through the Manitou Passage in Leelanau County. It was on its way south to Benton Harbor with a passage of seventeen: crew members and House of David farmers with their wares, which included three thousand bushels of potatoes and lumber.

Thanks to the time of year, high winds, and snow storms, the ship got off course and headed for Pyramid Point. It was there she went aground. All people aboard struggled through the cold water to get to shore, with aid from some of the local Port Oneida townspeople.

The Sleeping Bear Point Coast crew went out to the ship the next morning and found an old man still on board, who had slept through the whole incident, being left behind by the others.

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Today, many divers visit the old wreck, with not much more left than old timbers and a boiler which is still very visible in aerial shots. I mean, this ship has pretty much been stripped by souvenir seekers. So if you go diving, leave whatever remains behind. Also, if you go to the top of nearby Pyramid Point, you can see the wreck early in the day while the sun is still behind you.

Built in 1884, the ship was originally called the “Minnie M” and was re-named “Rising Sun” by House of David members in 1913. Check out the photos in the gallery below.

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