The number of refugees from war torn sections of the middle east plus the surge of immigrants both legal and illegal are changing the face of many American neighborhoods. Over centuries we have embraced people from all over the world but the latest push of new people seems very different.

When the Irish came they didn’t attack us. When the Italians came they didn’t try to change America to be like Italy but they assimilated and became part of the American fabric. Poles, Czechs, Russians, Germans and many more came here by the millions to create the American dream. They rolled up their sleeves to build something better for themselves and their children.

Tough comprehensive screening and tight legal controls of immigration is the answer.  It’s the only answer. We want people to come to America that want to contribute to society and be part of this nation but not those that want to come here and tear down what we have in order to re-build the third world hell-holes they escaped from.

Today, more Syrian refugees have been sent to Michigan than any other state. Hundreds of them have come here with the help of Lutheran Social Services and other agencies that are paid very well for getting them placed. In fact, it is a very lucrative operation for that company and many others that provide these services.

I am in favor of immigration for people that hold America in high regard. We do not want those that come here with some sort of misguided hate toward you, me and our kids.

We need to get our act together and fast.