Wow, how times have changed, now it appears woman are becoming the sexist.

How many times did we hear woman complain about men only clubs, associations, golf clubs and more.  How many times have we heard how women wanted to never leave men alone and always wanted to be where they are.

Now woman are doing what they complained about men doing for decades.

According to reporting by CNBC News, entrepreneur Kristina Roth bought an island and is opening up a resort allowing only women, men are not allowed.  Yes you heard this correctly, woman only men not allowed.

Does this sound sexist to you, it certainly does to me.  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of sexist is:

prejudice or discrimination based on sex

So now what do you woman who have complained for years about men only “whatever” have to say about this?

The interesting point to me is I want to see how many of these women’s groups will come out to condemn what this sexist bigoted women is doing.  I call her sexist and bigoted because that is what women called men who they accused of doing the same thing.

I believe most men can care less that these women are creating women only “whatever”.  As long as they leave them alone for a while.


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