While Michigan is a beautiful state, it does have its fair share of dark secrets lurking about.

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The town of Ypsilanti, located near Ann Arbor, is all to familiar with that dark past.

Ypsilanti, Michigan: August 7th 1967

It was summer in Ypsilanti, and Eastern Michigan University Student Mary Fleszar's body had been discovered at a barn located in the town of Ypsilanti.

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Fleszar, was the first known victim of the notorious Michigan serial killer known as John Norman Collins. Her body had laid at the abandoned farm in Ypsilanti for roughly 30 days before being found.

This Abandoned Ypsilanti Farm Was The Location Of A Murder

This farm in Ypsilanti, Michigan was the site of a murder back in the 1960's.

The Michigan Murders

Fleszar, wasn't the only one to meet her untimely death. A slue of murders sprung the name Michigan Murders, thanks to serial killer John Norman Collins.


While it is unknown if there were anymore victims, there are seven confirmed deaths related to the Michigan Murders of John Norman Collins.

John Norman Collins Today

Today, Collins goes by his fathers name of Chapman, and is currently serving a life sentence in Jackson, Michigan. Though, Chapman has bounced around the states prison system, going from Southern Michigan, all the way up to Marquette, Michigan.

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At one point, the notorious serial killer attempted to even transfer to the Canadian prison system, and was almost granted that right, if it weren't for the public outlash towards the possibility of that. It was believed, that Chapman could've walked out after serving nine years in the Canadian prison system.

The Witchcraft Murder of Etta Fairchild, Kalamazoo

Nellie Pope, Detroit Axe Murderess

See the farm below.

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