Welcome to Michigan. Where are roads are notoriously bad and our traffic rules will make your head hurt.

How many times have you had to explain to someone (obviously not from here) what a Michigan Left is.

Michigan left turns are safeEspecially when you have to cross 4-5 lanes after making your right turn.  Excuse me, coming over...trying to get in far-left lane...excuse me.  

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They even wrote a song about it.

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In 2013, we even sent them to Alabama and Tucson.

In 2013, Michigan lefts were installed in Alabama for the first time, in several locations along heavily traveled U.S. Route 280 in metro BirminghamTucson, Arizona, began introducing Michigan lefts in 2013, at Ina/Oracle and on Grant Road. Their reception has been mixed. (Wikipedia)

If you think that our Michigan Left is confusing, try wrapping you head around our Michigan Left on Red but only at a one way.

A Michigan driver may turn left on a red light, as long as the street the driver is turning left onto is one-way, going in the same direction as the left turn. (Michigan Auto Law)

Now here is where I always got confused and had different people tell me otherwise. You can only turn left at a red light onto a one way street AND FROM a one way street.. And turns out ACCORDING TO THE LAW that information is incorrect.

The Michigan Vehicle Code states that that motorists sitting at a solid red light may make "a left turn from a one-way or two-way street onto a one-way roadway carrying traffic in the direction of the left turn unless prohibited by sign, signal, marking, light or other traffic control device." (MLive)

So you can turn left, on red, onto a one way street if you are turning from a one way or crossing over a two way street.

Unless there is a sign telling you not to.

Yeah...you need to see a video don't you?

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